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Still marvelous and breathtaking, the landscape produces a complementary attraction: the opportunity to observe and enjoy its beauty in a state of calm while savoring an exquisite dish and a glass of wine.

The multifaceted touch of Patagonia allows the fusion of the intense flavors of its local products, with the culinary customs of the region, achieving a sensory journey to the very end of the world.


An unforgettable experience

No palate can resist an exquisite dish based on spider crab, Patagonian lamb or black hake You will be able to enjoy the best of the gastronomy with native products of the region.

Kayen Bar

Life has a raison d'être only here and now.

In our Kayen bar, everything happens at a slower pace, with the rhythm of those who know that life is to be enjoyed.

A menu to savor local flavors served in the form of tapas and tastings takes center stage when combined with relaxing and captivating jazz music.

From a vast wine list, boutique beers, traditional drinks to the possibility of taking a little more risk and opting for the creativity of the bartender, you can relax in our leather Chesterfield chairs while admiring the beautiful water view.

In the afternoon, you can also enjoy an exquisite tea or coffee and taste a wide variety of cakes, surrounded by tranquility and the dazzling view of the mountains that only Argentina's Patagonia can offer.


Fire Corner:

Savor your chocolate while savoring the moment.

Having a cup of hot chocolate in your hands allows your thoughts to be warmer and more serene. Sitting and relaxing on the leather couches by the roaring fire is the best plan after a day full of tours.

Then, in the Fire Corner the night invades us completely and fills us with the deepest peace, here the world stops at our feet. Silence roars on the mountain, darkness covers us and only the light of the fire breaks it.

A warm moment accompanied by a delicious boutique beer or a good house wine. A place that connects us, an intimate experience in a paradisiacal setting within our Mountain Lodge. Only smiles and stories are left to share around the fire while waiting for dinner.
The desire to find and create moments.